Reimagining the curb: a webinar on solutions for curb management

Apr 28, 2022 1:23:20 PM / by Corrine Murray

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Ride Report is committed to helping cities manage precious curb space. Successful shared mobility programs rely on rules that are based on specific geographies, down to the block level or even the curb-ramp level, and we build the software to facilitate those rules.

Curb management, as a set of philosophies, tools, and practices, has rapidly evolved in recent years. As we track trends, we want to keep our partners in the loop. In April 2022, Ride Report hosted a webinar with curb experts to help understand the current and roadmapped solutions available to cities. We had four panelists discuss their background in curb management and data specifications, then opened up the conversation for a lively Q&A session.


Framework setting of curbside management

Benito Perez, Policy Director at Transportation for America, kicked off the panel by providing context around the history of curbside management, curbside power levers, emerging trends, and how communities can leverage funding for effective new forms of management. Historically, curb management was a local issue that really only prioritized parking, fees, and land use development. Now at the forefront, accessibility, climate change, safety, and economic development are guiding factors in how a community chooses to structure curb usage.


Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS)

One of the data standards that is used by cities to manage their curb is the Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS). Mike Drow, Chief Executive Officer of Parking Revenue Recovery Services, joined us to provide information on APDS and how it fits into the smart city and parking landscape. APDS seeks to provide common definitions for industry data while collaborating with other data standards to help cities and communities effectively manage their curb space.


Building compliant curb management solutions

Harris Lummis, CTO and co-founder of Automotus, was able to provide background information on Automotus’ automated curb payments and curb enforcement solutions. Lummis also discussed the Curb Data Specification (CDS), developed by the Open Mobility Foundation curb working group. CDS is a set of APIs that allow governments to digitally manage their curb space and communicate to curb users.


City of Omaha curb management

Our final panelist was Jacob Larson, Applications Analyst at the City of Omaha. Larson is another member of the OMF CDS working group, and was able to provide the city perspective on how CDS can be used. The City of Omaha has been working on multiple pilot projects to further their understanding of how to best utilize curb data.


Webinar recording

Ride Report would like to extend a huge thank you to the panelists for sharing their insights. This webinar is worth the watch for anyone hoping to better understand how curb space utility can be maximized, the key differences between data standards, and practical insights from a city agency, all through the use of digital solutions. 


Watch the webinar and let us know what you think.



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