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Oct 19, 2022 7:36:47 PM / by Nelle R. Pierson

As cities roll out purchase incentives to reduce household greenhouse gases, all eyes are on Denver. Denver is leading the way on ebike incentives, and getting well-deserved national recognition.  


In just four months, 4,000+ residents became ebike owners, thanks to the advocacy work of BicycleColorado, the grassroots support from the Denver Bicycle Lobby, and the implementation from Denver's Office of Climate Action Sustainability and Resiliency


There's been so much awareness and gratitude surrounding the program, the Governor of Colorado declared the state's first official "Ebike Day".


We hosted a short webinar with top experts to bring you: 

  • The backstory of Denver's program and top recommendations
  • Insights from models across the US
  • Updates on the advocacy work behind a Federal-level rebate
  • Plus! Our findings from our Ride App data pilot in Denver

"2023 will be the year of the ebike" - Dr. John MacArthur 

Photos of our webinar panelists

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Nelle R. Pierson

Written by Nelle R. Pierson