New to Ride Report: Policy module

May 26, 2021 5:37:35 PM / by Michael Schwartz

Ride Report Policy module

Ride Report Policy module

Policy module supports digital program management

Ride Report has developed a Policy module as a one-stop shop for creating and sharing rules with operators. Policy module also allows cities to transparently track performance against those rules. With just a few clicks of a button, program managers can enter in maximum caps, minimum floors/deployments, no-ride zones, slow speed zones, and fees/fines/subsidies. Operators are able to view these same rules and their own performance in the operator dashboard.

PoliciesPotential policies that cities can implement

Requiring only ten minutes to build all your rules, the Policy module eliminates disagreements between agencies and operators over how to define a minimum deployment area, how to count the cap on vehicles deployed in a downtown zone, or how many vehicles were found in a no parking zone. All the information is transparently shared between all parties, so you can put your new mobility program on auto-pilot, checking in at regular intervals or as needed. Some cities reference Ride Report’s tools as the way to define the new mobility program rules and compliance to have a single source of truth and allow flexibility for the rules to be refined over time within the Policy module.


Vehicle caps

Vehicle cap policies


Next steps

In the next month, the Policy module will include regular and alert-based emails to further put users’ minds at ease. Ride Report will also be exposing the MDS code representing each rule, such that it can be consumed by operators via the Policy API. This will allow city staff to build rules in an agile way in response to program performance, citizen feedback, or events; operators will be able to represent these new rules in their apps for riders to see within seconds. Over time, Ride Report will also track progress against higher level goals beyond more specific rules such as equity, sustainability, and level of mobility provided.


MDS code

Exposed MDS code for Policy module

With the Policy module, cities can use Ride Report to digitally manage the day-to-day of their new mobility program, freeing up staff to focus on deeper partnerships, infrastructure development, and community engagement to ensure the programs are meeting long term strategic transportation objectives.


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