Ride Report Webinar: The Rise Of Ebike Voucher Programs

Sep 7, 2022 7:01:22 PM / by Nelle R. Pierson

The next boom in micromobility is personally owned electric bikes. It’s already happening. Ebike sales spiked during the pandemic, a personal tax credit was almost included in our first-ever Federal climate bill, and elected officials are pushing for voucher programs across the US. And of course there's already a spectrum of takes.


At Ride Report, we’re closely following the rise of rebates because we see an opportunity for data. When Denver first announced their program, we quietly relaunched Ride App to help gather aggregate ridership stats

Our panelists include researchers, advocates, and city staff.

We’re convening a panel of experts to answer your questions: what are top lessons-learned from city and state-level programs? Is Denver's program replicable in my city? What are next steps at the Federal Level? And how can the micromobility industry continue building on this momentum? 


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Nelle R. Pierson

Written by Nelle R. Pierson