How Ride Report is showing up for democracy

Oct 28, 2020 4:44:10 PM / by Corrine Murray

Transportation should never be a barrier to vote, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. In fact, in 2016, more than 15 million individuals were unable to vote due to a lack of transportation. As election day draws nearer, mobility operators across the US have joined the Roll to the Polls campaign to provide free or discounted rides in an effort to encourage voter turnout. Ride Report commends the participation of our mobility partners and is proud to participate in this initiative as a supporter. 

Democracy extends beyond the polls. This year’s election has brought on a lot of feelings of anxiety and worry in communities across the US. It can be hard to focus on work when one’s freedoms are threatened by the election outcome. As a company, we want to recognize the toll this is taking on our individual employees and empower them to actively participate in our nation’s democratic process. 

One program Ride Report has recently enacted is called “Democracy Time,” which encourages employees to allocate up to 10% of their work time to activities that support the democratic process. This can take many forms, from educating oneself on candidates and issues, to voting, to volunteering.

How our employees are using Democracy Time

Ride Report employees have been using their democracy time in myriad ways. Some have been text banking, encouraging people to update their voter registration and vote for specific candidates and issues. Others are acting as poll observers to help individuals feel safe to vote. Some of our developers have found open source projects that allow them to utilize their technological expertise to support our democracy. We have compiled a list of open source projects to support democracy here

Additionally, Ride Reporters are turning up to vote. Whether we run, walk, bike, or scoot to a dropbox or polling location, we are excited to participate in the election and use our voices to influence change.

Ride Reporter submitting their ballotRide Reporter volunteering at the pollsRide Reporter submitting their ballotRide Reporter submitting their ballotRide Reporter submitting their ballotRide Reporter submitting their ballot
Ride Reporters dropping off their ballots and volunteering at polling locations.

Getting to the polls

Looking for options to get to the polls? Below we have compiled a list of promotions mobility companies are offering on election day (11/3/2020):

  • Check out the Roll to the Polls website for promotions and information on how to make a voting plan. 
  • Spin to Vote: Get $10 in ride credits with the code “SPINTOVOTE”. 
  • Gotcha Roll to The Polls: Receive a free bike or scooter ride with Gotcha using the code “VOTE2020”.
  • Bird Roll to The Polls: Receive a free Bird ride up to 30 minutes with the code “VOTE2020”. 
  • Lime Roll Call: Receive two free Lime or Jump rides up to 30 minutes with the code “LIMETOPOLLS2020”.
  • Lyft Voting Access: Use code “2020VOTE” for 50% off one ride to a polling place or dropbox (applicable for car, bike, and scooter rides).
  • Uber Get out the Vote: Receive 50% roundtrip rides to and from the polls (applicable for car, bike, and scooter rides). No code necessary.

Back to our values

Ride Report’s company values provide context to why we feel so strongly about the democratic process. We believe:

  • Every resident plays a role in the evolution of their community and city
  • Every perspective matters so long as it is expressed in a tolerant and non-violent manner
  • Information should be shared in an accessible way
  • Goals should be explicitly stated, so that it is clear who and what they serve
  • In balancing the needs of individuals versus the collective
  • Systems work better when they're designed to serve everyone equitably

We encourage everyone to consider these values when voting in this year’s election. Vote for the candidates and issues that you believe will uplift our communities in meaningful ways. Voting is the best way to play a role in the evolution of our communities and ensure an equitable future for all. 


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Corrine Murray

Written by Corrine Murray