What is Ride Report certification?

Mar 4, 2020 2:25:00 PM / by Meghan Prichard

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Ride Report certification is the micromobility industry’s first MDS auditing service. By scoring operators based on their performance against rigorous data benchmarks, our service helps cities with the difficult and error-prone process of knowing which operators are meeting their compliance requirements.


How operators get Ride Report Certified


High-scoring operators can earn the Ride Report Certified designation, which represents a gold standard of consistently meeting cities’ data needs. Ride Report has initially certified Bird and Lime after performing audits on behalf of partner cities around the world.

To earn the Ride Report Certified credential, selected operators must also commit to providing cities with ongoing access to high-quality data and metrics.


How certification prepares cities for micromobility programs


Ride Report’s new offering can be used even before cities launch a micromobility program. In this stage, it’s often difficult to predict which operators will best serve their community by honoring data sharing agreements.

Ride Report’s audits score each operator’s data feed to ensure it provides complete data that meets MDS requirements, protects user privacy, and accurately matches what is happening on the ground. These audits takes the guesswork out of choosing a reliable data provider.


Why being Ride Report certified matters


Once a micromobility program starts, agency staff need to know they will have continuous access to accurate, up-to-date data. The Ride Report Certified program provides cities this confidence by selecting operators who have honored their agreement to meet cities’ data needs. In particular, Ride Report Certified operators commit to:

  • maintain high-quality, open access to the data cities require;
  • collaborate to improve open standards for evaluating vehicle caps, equity requirements, and other key performance metrics; and
  • use these same performance metrics for their city operations.

Additional operators that agree to these commitments and achieve high performance on Ride Report’s regular audits are also eligible to become Ride Report Certified operators.


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