Shared E-Scooters Help Edmontonians Travel Safely During COVID-19

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The City of Edmonton has worked with Bird Canada and Lime to keep their shared e-scooter program running during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the results are promising. Working with Bird Canada and Lime, we analyzed e-scooter usage data and found the following:

  • Edmonton saw consistently strong utilization rates, averaging more than 2 trips per vehicle per day
  • More than half of all trips started in the city’s Business Improvement Areas (BIAs), which are focused areas of economic development
  • The proportion of rides taken outside of typical workday hours increased in 2020, indicating usage shifting from commuting to running errands and recreation, likely as a result of the pandemic
  • Trips longer than 10km grew from 0.5% of all rides in 2019 to 4% of all rides in 2020

To learn more, download the full Edmonton report.