Ride Report helps cities around the world successfully implement shared mobility solutions using our powerful mobility data management dashboard.

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the city skyline of Austin, Texas with a bridge in the middle

Austin, Texas

The City of Austin, Texas embraced the trend of shared mobility early on, aiming to harness its potential to address congestion and transport people more efficiently through a busy city. Read how they're using Ride Report to manage their e-scooter program and achieve their transportation goals.


overhead view of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Ride Report works with Fort Lauderdale, Florida to track the number of scooters deployed against the permit cap and across various zones of interest.


view of Durham, NC with a water tower at sunset

Durham, North Carolina

Ride Report works with Durham, North Carolina, to manage e-scooter operations. With the common goal of helping people move around the city sustainably, efficiently, and equitably, Ride Report interprets data and significance for both city staff and mobility operators.



DRCOG, Colorado

Ride Report works with the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) to manage emerging micromobility programs in a coordinated and consistent manner throughout the region.

an e-scooter and an e-bike parked on the sidewalk

4 ways cities can put mobility data to work

When launching a shared mobility program, knowing what data you need and how to utilize it can be daunting. With an intentional and focused approach, cities can use data to launch and optimize a successful shared mobility program.


a black man leaning against a parked bike looking at his phone

Implementing micromobility in cities around the world

Across the world, cities are launching programs that bring new, clean forms of transportation to life. Your city can be next. Explore these questions as you begin developing your city’s micromobility program.


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