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Ride Report empowers cities to bring new, clean forms of transportation to life. We handle data for cities and operators around the world.

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The complete toolset for city staff, planners, and elected officials

Whether your program has no staff or a full-time dedicated team, Ride Report reduces the time, frustration, and costs to run it.

Alerts & reports

Get automated reports sent to your inbox. Find out immediately when an operator is over their cap or if a scooter is parked in a no-ride zone.

Protect privacy

Process, anonymize, and aggregate micromobility data in real time, without compromising rider or operator privacy.

Real-time Monitoring

View the location of micromobility vehicles and get a state of the system in real time.

Take the guesswork out of data

Ride Report’s MDS Auditing service continually monitors your data feeds, so you can be confident your agency is getting the complete, accurate data it needs to manage the right of way.

Ride Report Certified Operators

Just getting started with micromobility? When you work with Ride Report Certified operators, you can be confident you are getting the best data available based on audits conducted with dozens of cities worldwide.

Ride Report Audit Reports work with any MDS operators including:

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Always Improving

Ride Report is an always-improving tool that gains new features every month. From electric scooters to autonomous eBikes, working with Ride Report means you can always adapt to the latest operator technology and innovations in the market.

From pilot to proven

When your city is ready to scale its micromobility pilot, you can upgrade to Ride Report’s premium service to conduct regular data-based audits, fee reconciliation, performance-based vehicle caps, and program evaluation reports.

Getting started is easy

Ride Report takes just minutes to set up.

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