bicycle leaning against a glass wall inside an officeOur story

Ride Report is a technology company based out of Portland, Oregon. We were founded in 2014 out of a passion for riding bikes and with the core vision of supporting cities in achieving sustainability and modeshift goals. The original Ride Report application generated and aggregated bike data that cities could use to plan for more sustainable transport and micromobility-friendly infrastructure. As e-scooters entered the scene, Ride Report grew with the market and developed a mobility data management platform that helps cities better manage their mobility programs.


Our team

Our team, led by Chief Executive Officer Michael Schwartz, is composed of members from diverse backgrounds in software and product, city and regional planning, and bicycle and pedestrian advocacy. We're highly experienced in developing innovative solutions that help cities achieve their shared mobility goals. They're our goals, too. 


What we do

Our software is used by cities and governments around the world to support data-driven program management, compliance, and invoicing of shared mobility programs. We serve as partners in ensuring that shared mobility programs are easy to implement, operate, and optimize. Ride Report also works with mobility operators to audit data generated by shared bicycle, scooter, moped, and car fleets.