How to use the new Global Micromobility Index

Oct 22, 2022 6:18:14 PM / by Michael Schwartz

We’re thrilled to present the next phase of the Global Micromobility Index. 


We've added all new features and important program metrics. Plus, the Global Micromobility Index is now home to 22 city micromobility dashboards, including a few new ones; Sacramento, West Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and Gainesville – with more on the way.


Visualize and compare program metrics across Micromobility Dashboards

gif demonstrating how to navigate the Global Micromobility Index


We designed the Index to meet the needs of advocates, researchers, journalists, program staff, and operators. We want the comparison tool to be useful for: 

  • Articles and research projects  
  • Campaigns to advance your program
  • Stakeholder updates and reports
  • Program evaluation and recommendations 


With the support of our agency and operator partners, the Global Micromobility Index makes dockless data more publicly accessible, easy to use, and visually compelling. We believe this data tells the powerful stories of your local program that, in turn, accelerate our shared vision – a future where micromobility is a safe, and reliable, and affordable way to get around town.


Plus! We’ve added “Average Trip Speed” to each city's Micromobility Dashboard, which you can tailor by vehicle type and time. According to agency staff, this is one of the most frequently asked questions from community members and stakeholders.


Explore your city’s dashboard to see trips by mode, street segment, and time 

gif navigating the heatmap in a micromobility dashboard

Last year, we worked with our partners to launch Micromobility Dashboards (formerly known as Open Data Portals). Historically, city planners and advocates have relied on manual bike counts and static counters to understand ridership patterns. Now you can use your city’s Micromobility Dashboard to: 

  • Better understand where people are riding 
  • Compare patterns across vehicle type and time
  • Bolster your campaign with stats and visuals
  • Chart improvements after a bike lane's installed
  • Export the data yourself for more analysis 


Want to add your city to the Index? Have suggestions for our next round of metrics? Have questions about our definitions or methodology? 

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Michael Schwartz

Written by Michael Schwartz