Ride Report hits the $1M milestone for micromobility fees tracked

Jun 7, 2021 2:53:54 PM / by Brian Ellin


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Our mission at Ride Report is to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable and efficient transportation system, and city revenue generated from new mobility will be a critical part of that transition. When managed effectively, this revenue can be utilized to fund new infrastructure and pay for programs that increase mode-shift and deliver positive city outcomes.

Today, we’re excited to share that Ride Report has tracked over $1.2 million dollars in dynamic shared mobility usage revenue across our city customers worldwide. In addition to tracking city revenue, we also have tools to help cities invoice the operators for micromobility fees.


Shared mobility management tools

Managing shared mobility presents a variety of interesting policy and pricing challenges: how large should your fleets be across the city, where should vehicles be deployed and when, where are vehicles allowed to go and not go, and how should usage be priced to best serve the community.

In addition to tracking performance and compliance across a breadth of fleet policies, Ride Report now makes it easy to dynamically track and invoice for usage based fees, fines, and subsidies at scale. We’re helping our customers automate the invoicing and collection of per-trip fees, parking fees, right-of-way utilization fees, and more across dynamic dimensions like time of day, day of week, geographic zone, and vehicle type - all of which represent emerging and sustainable sources of revenue for the city.

While tracking and invoicing this revenue has traditionally been tedious and time consuming, Ride Report has made it easy and automated, so that city officials can spend their time focusing on where that new revenue should be deployed.

If you’re interested in putting your city’s new mobility revenue on autopilot, we’d love to hear from you today!

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Brian Ellin

Written by Brian Ellin