Our statement on the protests

May 31, 2020 8:26:52 PM / by William Henderson

We stand with the protestors and activists demanding action and accountability. We recognize that justice is the only possible resolution, and that nothing short of demanding — and enacting — justice will suffice. We believe that black lives matter.



To our fellow Portlanders, we urge you to act and engage. Consider the peril of this moment. After all the suffering, anger, and unrest – what would it mean to fail to act yet again? We cannot return to a status quo that enables violence against people of color.

If you are unsure of how to help, this thread from Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty has several steps anyone can take. You can show up right from your living room:



As a leader of a small company, I recognize my own responsibility here. I pledge to take action in our community, in our company, and within myself. Specifically:

  1. I pledge to call on our leaders to act. When I'm called upon by the community to support those actions, I pledge to do whatever I can to advocate and show up.

  2. I pledge to make and hit targets to create a more diverse team, and an environment where every team member can thrive. When we hit those targets, I pledge to set even stronger ones. You can read more on how we are monitoring our progress here.

  3. I pledge to listen with an open mind and believe what I hear. I pledge not to react when my own role in perpetuating injustice is called into question. I pledge to embrace discomfort.

  4. I pledge to donate $1,000 to local organizations that are working to combat the effects of institutional racism.

Local organizations


William Henderson

Written by William Henderson