Announcing Ride Report’s Climate Leadership Cohort!

May 17, 2022 1:45:33 PM / by Nelle R. Pierson

We’re here at the National Shared Mobility Summit learning the specific pathways and roadblocks to reducing mobility based carbon and increasing mobility justice. You know as well as we do – it’s complicated. Every jurisdiction has their own histories, goals, pace, budgets, and politics. 


But there’s one thing that is certain: with climate change, we don’t have much time. 

We’ve got a plan though. Today the SUMC coalition launched the 2030 Action Agenda for shared mobility. This bold strategic plan, drafted by a bunch of us in the industry, asks everyone in shared mobility and micromobility to join together. Collectively, we can more effectively build out the policies and programs to help decarbonize quickly while centering the needs of all people.


An illustration, "All Together Now" is the galvanizing campaign slogan for SUMC's 2030 Action Agenda the


As part of the Action Agenda, we’re working with agency staff, researchers, and advocates to develop specific tools to check off specific components of the plan. These tools build an ironclad case for transportation change, help secure more program funding, and help hold us all more accountable. 


That’s why we created Ride Report’s Climate Leadership Cohort. 


We’re excited to share what we’ve got in the works soon, and so excited to work with these partners. So far the Climate Leadership consists of Atlanta DOT, the Denver Regional Council of Governments, Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, The City of Santa Monica, Portland’s Bureau of Transportation, and Durham County.

Logos of the Climate Leadership Cohort's seven participating agencies.


Ashley Finch is joining. She’s the Shared Micromobility Coordinator at the Atlanta Department of Transportation. “We at ATLDOT see so much opportunity in shared bikes and scooters to meet our climate goals,” said Ashley. “Being able to track and report on the carbon metrics of our program is critical, especially as we continue to communicate the power of micromobility for mode shift and carbon reduction. We are excited to join the Climate Leadership Cohort to continue to leverage the power of data in our city, and hopefully help other cities in the process.” 

We’re working together to share insights, build tools, and develop case studies for cities around the world. Interested in joining the conversation? Let’s set up a quick call.


Nelle R. Pierson

Written by Nelle R. Pierson