New to Ride Report: Trip count updates and carshare

Jun 30, 2021 12:39:28 PM / by Corrine Murray

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Ride Report is excited to share some of the improvements we have made to our solutions in June. This month, we have begun using the MDS trips endpoint for improved trip count accuracy. We also have added carshare to our platform, enabling cities to now manage carshare programs from within the dashboard.

MDS trip count endpoint

Traditionally, Ride Report has used the MDS status change endpoint to count trips taken using shared mobility. This process required looking for events associated with the beginning of a trip, figuring out what devices are starting trips, and then theorizing when the trip ended (i.e. if another trip started, the old trip must’ve ended). Using the status change endpoint depended on operators having accurate data and called for some level of subjective analysis to determine whether a trip should be counted. This led to a discrepancy between the data we were seeing and the data our city clients were seeing.

Enter: the trips endpoint. Ride Report now uses Open Mobility Foundation’s MDS trips endpoint for trip counts and other relevant metrics. Since switching to this newer MDS endpoint, we have seen an increase in data accuracy, are better able to understand what trip counting is, and have unlocked the potential for new filtering of trips. Cities can have even more confidence in our data and we are able to show them exactly why that confidence is merited.


Carshare data now available

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 9.35.11 AM

Real-time view of carshare in the Ride Report dashboard

We are now able to offer carshare as a vehicle type within the platform. Cities using carshare can check up on the program in the same way that they check up on e-scooter or bikeshare data.

The dashboard allows for everything from a real time view of the vehicles to trend analysis over time. There is a large advantage to having this information available in the Ride Report dashboard alongside other mobility data. City staff do not need to learn new tools or figure out how to compare their mobility programs through different methods, but are able to do all analysis from the same solution.

We have already started tracking carshare for our first client, and we are excited to be adding more cities soon. Reach out if you are interested in learning more about the carshare capabilities of the Ride Report dashboard.

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Corrine Murray

Written by Corrine Murray